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Real-time stream processing. For everyone.

Real-time stream processing. For everyone.

A World of Opportunities

AltarIdey helps enterprises and individuals discover the benefits and advantages of real-time data stream analytics. From generating insights into your data, to controlling the key parameters that drive your business, AltarIdey makes it possible through its unparalleled combination of accuracy and speed in stream analysis.

No more mucking around in raw data. And no more second-guessing your data warehousing decisions. Instead, combine your data stream generators with our servers, and define what you want to accomplish with your data. And then see it happen.


How it works

  1. AltarIdey is built around the concept of the data stream: a discretized signal that is expressed as a sequence of date-value pairs. Start by identifying all unique data streams that matter to your business, then simply hook these streams in to our servers through a convenient API.

  2. Once the stream is online, AltarIdey begins analyzing it in real time alongside 1000's of other data streams. The result of the analysis is a network graph that is a top-down view of the relationships between the streams: it tells us the best way to control or predict a stream's behavior, and it is continually updated as new stream data arrives.

  3. Next, select the stream that serves as the variable of interest. Using the network graph that was recently computed, we can choose how to react, from monitoring the eventual behavior of this data stream, to predicting its behavior, to controlling it.

  4. Finally, build an AltarIdey client that adapts the graph data to your needs. The platform comes with both a desktop and a browser-based visualization and prediction client, and we can help you build some others.

Analyse, Predict, Control

Think of AltarIdey as a platform that manufactures fresh perspectives on your data. By using fundamental principles of data analysis, AltarIdey enables a computational system to build up its understanding of the world without the need for human input, a true ab initio data analysis. Spend more time delving into the insights gleaned from your enterprise's data, and less time teaching computers what you already know.

By combining your real-time data streams with our predictive analytics solution, you'll find many ways to improve the performance of your enterprise. From becoming more responsive to customers, to being more sensitive to expenses, to discovering entirely new lines of business, deep looks inside your data often bring unmatched insights into your business.


Typical Streams by Industry Sector

  • Financial markets data
  • Economic data
  • Spending
  • Demographics
  • Body temperature
  • Blood sugar
  • Temperature
  • Wind/ocean currents

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